When I got a divorce, the last thing I wanted to do was date. The thought of it filled me with anxiety and made me sick to my stomach. It was hard to imagine myself trusting anybody again. I was perfectly fine by myself, being the best mother I could be to my three wonderful children. It was time to focus on my kids and my career, not finding a man.

But, I soon realized I missed the company of a man. I love men, I love spending time with them, laughing with them, talking to them, and making out on occasion. What I didn't what was a husband but w=hat I did want was a  companion or two or three.

Right before I moved to TN for a radio job, I got on match.com. I thought, why not? It might be fun. And, it was a lot of fun. Being on Match.com was like ordering exactly what I wanted off off a menu. I was heaven and ready to be in control of my new life, newfound independence, and my men.

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When it came to meeting men, on Match, I set up my own set rules to ensure my safety. After talking to them for a couple of weeks, through texts and phone conversations, I would consider meeting them. I would only meet my dates at very public places. I never gave them my address or took them to my home. The only date that I ever gave my address, was my husband. Yes, I met Quenton on the match.com dating website.

While talking to someone, I would always check them out on social media and Google them and try to find out all I could about them. I would like to have run background checks, but those would have cost money. Now, Tinder is going to help you get the full scope on your potential dates.

Tinder is going to start letting their users run actual background checks on their dates. The service will be an additional fee. At this time, we don't know how much they will charge, but it's expected to be available in a few months.

The company that owns and runs Tinder, also runs Match.com, Hinge, OkCupid, and a bunch of other dating sites. So, these sites are likely to offer the service too.

From someone who has been on dating websites and apps, I see this as a very good thing. Even for an extra fee, it's worth it to find out any and all info you need to stay safe.

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Here is what I order on March.com. LOL


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