My love of all things abandoned is no secret. I feel like they represent a part of our past that most have forgotten. I guess a part of doesn’t want to forget them. Its like the need somebody to remember because at one point, they meant something to someone.

When you think of carnivals, fairs or amusement parks, you think of smiles, laughter and fun. For people of all ages, the rides are what makes them so enjoyable/ But, what happens when the paint fades, the bulbs burn out, the machines become outdated? Did buy ever think of that? Well, a lot of them end up here. I was unable to find a name for this land of forgotten carnival and amusement park rides , but I know it’s located in Pennsylvania.

Every picture struck me as so sad. It’s like the move Toy Story, only with rides of fun times past. Makes you wonder if, when no one is around, they come to life and swap stories of the good times they used to have when the music played, the lights were bright and kids were laughing. I got chills thinking of the silence that now surrounds these classic pieces of our childhood memories.

This Junkyard For Carnival and Amusement Park Rides Will Give You Chills


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