Folks in or near this Indiana county will be paying less on gas than any other county in the state. Can you guess what county it is?

It's no secret that gas prices are a little higher now than they have been. In fact, the national average for unleaded gas as of this writing is $3.85 per gallon. In terms of gas in Indiana, the state average as of this writing is $3.73. So, we are fortunate to have gas prices below the national average.  Filling up your tank is nearly impossible for some, as it would simply cost too much. We've all been feeling the sting of gas prices every time we fill up our tanks. Granted, prices aren't over $5 like they were last year...but they are still pretty high.

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According to a map created by AAA, some Indiana gas stations are charging $4.10 for gas. Despite the sudden rise, there are a few Indiana counties currently selling cheaper gas than the rest of the state. AAA detailed each of these counties, most of which are scattered throughout the state. So, where can you find the cheapest gas prices in the state? Let's find out.

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Where to Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in Indiana

According to the map provided by AAA, if you are looking for the cheapest gas prices in the state, you'll have to head to my stomping grounds of Warrick County. Gas prices there are cheaper than anywhere in the entire state. The current average in Warrick County is $3.50. That came as a shock to me because at least in my hometown, gas is not that cheap. Which is why I rarely fill up there. However, I will have to be exploring my options to find the cheapest gas in the state, since it's found not too far from home for me.


Oh, and if you are wondering where the most expensive gas in the state is, well that can be found way up north in Porter County (which is $4.10). If you would like to compare gas prices by county in Indiana, take a look at the map by clicking here.

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