We all have our moments where we just want to be lazy, but this Indiana city apparently has those moments more than any other city in the state, according to data.

You work hard all week and by the time the weekend comes, sometimes you just want to sit back and not do anything. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a little lazy from time to time. It can become a problem though, when all you do is nothing. Nobody wants to be defined as "lazy"...at least I don't think they do. However, I'm sure we all know somebody who is like that. That's when being lazy really becomes unhealthy.

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The website, 24/7 Wall St recently found the laziest city in each state. Now, typically when the internet ranks something like this, it is one writer's opinion and it's not necessarily fact-based. However, in this case, 24/7 Wall St used some science to figure out which city in each state is lazier than all the others. They used the following methodology:

  • Adults who report not exercising
  • Population with no access to places for exercise
  • Adults who report fair/poor health
  • Adult obesity rate
  • Population
fat guy passed out hard on the couch

So, What is the Laziest City in Indiana?

The answer is...Kokomo. This doesn't mean that Kokomo is a bad place to live by any means. The city offers quite a lot for its residents and visitors. Maybe a lot of residents just don't take advantage of these things? That's my guess.

According to 24/7 Wall St, here are the statistics that make Kokomo the laziest city in Indiana:

  • Adults who report not exercising: 27.8% (Indiana: 25.1%)
  • Population with no access to places for exercise: 34.8% (Indiana: 75.3%)
  • Adults who report fair/poor health: 17.8% (Indiana: 17.7%)
  • Adult obesity rate: 32.9% (Indiana: 32.8%)
  • Population: 82,363

If you'd like to see what other cities in America are on this list, you can check it out by clicking here.

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