Spring break travels are about to get even better!

The worst is having to make sure you are propped up perfectly so you don't end up with a sore or stiff neck. I remember traveling growing up and I hated to fall asleep because it just wasn't comfortable. Even as an adult I can't stand not having the perfect pillow and position when trying to rest in the car.

  • Provide passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep.
  • The side pillows can be raised and lowered and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate different heights.
  • When you don't need them, just lift them up to save space in the car.
  • Car seat cushions can comfortably support one side of the head and neck, relax the muscles and prevent the neck from floating due to prolonged flexion, fatigue and pain. And protect your head from knocks on doors and windows.
Photo: Amazon via Seelive
Photo: Amazon via Seelive
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