Kentucky is full of great small towns, all of which have their own charm to them. Recently, one Kentucky town was named the most underrated. Can you guess what it is?

When thinking about towns/cities in Kentucky, you might first think of Louisville and Lexington, the two biggest cities with so much to see and do. However, Kentucky has a lot of smaller towns throughout the state that have a lot of interesting aspects to them. Quite frankly, you would be surprised by all of the beautiful and unique places that you could see in some of the smaller towns throughout the state.

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The website Love Exploring is all about sharing various destinations throughout the country and the world. They share some of the coolest places that you can visit whenever you go out of town. Recently, they put together a list of the most underrated town in each state. When it comes to Kentucky, it might be a town that you have visited in the past, or perhaps you have never heard of it before.

The Most Underrated Town in Kentucky

The town named the most underrated is located in central Kentucky. It's home to several unique shops, Three Chimneys, Lane's End Farm, some of the best restaurants in Central Kentucky, historic railroads, it's a part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and of course thoroughbreds, according to the town's website. It's also located midway between Frankfort and Lexington. If you haven't guessed by now, Kentucky's most underrated town is Midway.

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According to Love Exploring, this is why it was named the most underrated town in all of Kentucky:

You'll be thoroughly charmed by downtown Midway which is packed with colourful storefronts and art galleries, plus American grills, cute cafés, and inns. It was originally a booming railroad town and tracks, used by freight trains, still route through the quaint place. It's also home to one of the region's top wineries – <a href="" target="_blank">Equus Run Vineyards</a> – and Bluegrass Railroad Museum, which tells of the area's railroading history.


See, I told you it was a cute and interesting small town. You can also take a look at the most underrated town in Indiana by clicking here. Before you go, check out some other cool facts about Kentucky below!

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