The newest craze taking over smartphones is the Pokemon Go! This app allows users to capture Pokemon using the real environment around them, but it has cause several issues already. Here are some things you NEED to know while playing Pokemon Go!

1. Know your surroundings! Police in Missouri reported that several people were robbed while they hunted Pokemon! Check out the story HERE

2. Pay attention! There have been plenty of reports of people falling off curbs, sidewalks and other places because they are not paying attention to where they are walking! See a list of accidents HERE

3. Don't Drive and Pokemon! A major car accident pileup wasn't caused by someone playing Pokemon Go.....but it could of been! Make sure you don't Drive and Pokemon at the same time!

4. Be Careful with what you find! A women in Wyoming found a dead body on one of her Pokemon Hunts. If you do find something like that contact your local police department!

Pokemon Go is becoming a huge video game hit with People of all ages but remember to Play safe!

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