After year's of planning and months of work, Mickey's Kingdom Playground is open for kids of all ages to run, jump, climb, and play. While 99.9% of the equipment on site is open for use by anyone, Evansville Police Chief, and one of the brains behind the playground, Billy Bolin is reminding everyone there is one particular piece that is only available for use by a select group of individuals.

In the back of the park near the restrooms sits a lone, bright yellow swing. This swing is specifically designed for children who are wheelchair bound to give them the opportunity to feel the wind in their hair and the joy swinging brings. A feeling they don't have the opportunity to feel on a regular swing.

Chief Bolin posted this reminder on his personal Facebook page on Sunday.

If you haven't had a chance to experience Mickey's Kingdom for yourself, make time to take a trip. It is a truly remarkable playground, and not only fun for the kids, but for adults too!

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