There's a new bar that just opened up that makes me want to take a road trip.  The bar is called ‘Open Concept’, and it just opened up on October 4th. This bar is unlike any other bar that I have ever been to. Why? Because they sell their drinks by the hour, not by the glass!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can get drinks by the hour at this place!

According to KSDK, for the average price of $10 per hour, customers can drink as much as they can handle. Where was this bar when I was in college?!

Do you realize how much money you and your friends would be saving at a bar like this?

Here's how it works: You reserve your time slot(s) ahead of time, on their website. There are different price tiers that you can choose from. For $10 an hour you can get premium liquor and for $20 an hour you can get top shelf liquor. There’s also a VIP area you can reserve for $200 an hour. On weekends, they also have brunch for $20 per hour, you can get bottomless mimosas, Bellinis and a food buffet.

I think this concept is genus. Could you imagine how big this would go over here in Evansville? With all of the college students, and cheap people, like myself, this would be the go-to place to chill and drink. I might have to check this place out next time I go to St. Louis to try it out first hand.


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