Comfort foods, you indulge in them when you're sad, stressed, or even bored. We all have our go-to foods, but what would you say are the most popular?

Couple eating pizza
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Well, a new survey found the 10 most popular comfort foods in America, and some of these might surprise you:

1.  Pizza

2.  Burgers

3.  Fried chicken

4.  French fries

5.  Pasta

6.  Mac and cheese

7.  Grilled cheese

8.  Mashed potatoes

9.  Chili

10.  Tomato soup


The bread company, Sara Lee, conducted this survey about America's favorite comfort food.  Do you see anything wrong with this list? Anything you disagree with?

Now, when I think of a generic comfort food, ice cream and chocolate come to mind. Surprisingly, neither made the list. I can't be the only one wondering how tomato soup made the top ten and ice cream didn't. There's a reason behind that. According to Sara Lee's results, "Americans are evenly split in how they define comfort food: 50 percent are on team sweet — with most craving chocolate — and the other half think comfort food should be a savory dish."

So apparently, sweet comfort foods is an entirely different list. That being said, is there anything that you feel should have made the list that didn't? I think I would have added potato chips and maybe popcorn to the list. What do you think?


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