With all of the negative things you see in the news regarding school safety, it's reassuring to know that one school might be onto something...and it's right here in southern Indiana.

Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Indiana has been labeled the safest school in the country. Why? A few examples of why include the fact that the classroom doors are bullet-resistant, they have cameras are everywhere, the Sheriff’s department is only 10 miles away AND can track an intruder in real-time, and wait until you see the "hot zones".

The downside? This costs the school $400,000 to install. There are many school districts that could not afford something like this, so something needs to be done to try to get as many other schools on board. Perhaps government officials will be able to find a way to place some of these safety mechanisms in schools around the country.  Take a look inside Southwestern High School to see for yourself.

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