I was lucky to witness something truly awesome, the Pacers sent a huge load of toys to Joshua Academy to surprise the kids! 


The kids at Joshua Academy are called the "bright ones" and they certainly are! They recited their creed (which was super long BTW) and not a single kid skipped a beat! Tiny minds that are bursting with knowledge! They remembered more than I think I ever could! I remember in school struggling with reciting the preamble, and what they recited was much longer! Just some really smart, really awesome kids!

They were also given gifts with the Evansville Police Department and the Pacers, and it was so fun watching all the kids go out and pick out the toy they wanted!

Also  not to toot my own horn or anything, but I did get to meet Boomer the Panther today as well haha! so all around it was an amazing way to start my Thursday! The smiles on these kids faces as they got their Christmas gift from the Pacers is something I will never forget!

Deb Turner