It's more than just a pretty fixture with water in it! 


If you've ever been on the Main Street Walkway in Downtown Evansville, chances are you've seen this fountain.  Sure it's a pretty fixture on the walway, but have you ever wondered why?  Well it turns out this fountain was actually put there in 1910 so horses could get a cool drink of water if they needed.

According to the Evansville Boneyard

This red granite fountain for horses was presented to the city in 1910 by the National Human Alliance. Originally located in a triangle where NW Fourth Street , Pennsylvania Avenue and First Avenue intersect opposite the old Municipal Market, it was relocated to Main Street when the Walkway was constructed in the late 1960's. With the reconstruction of the Main Street Walkway in 1985-86, the fountain was set in a new pool and the presentation plaque removed from the side of the fountain, opening up the fourth water spout. The plaque has been set in the sidewalk adjacent to the fountain.

Pretty cool little piece of history, right?

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