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Life can be stressful, even when we sleep we are still restless. Weighted blankets help relax you and that's all any woman (or man) wants at night, to relax.

I am an anxious person. I take anxiety medicine because I am a wild banshee without it. Think "Donnie" from "The Wild Thornberry's" but crying instead of laughing. I have been begging my husband to try a weighted blanket to help get a good nights sleep for several years. Yes, I sleep but there is still that part of sleep I miss out on. The deep fully rested sleep I don't feel I get. I miss that. I haven't had that since college, before the adult world and responsibilities kicked in.

This Christmas, that was on my Christmas list. I never do a Christmas list but this year there were a few things I wanted. Since I am graduating this weekend with my Master's in Business Administration, my husband surprised me with one for a graduation gift. Yes, I probably could have used it before now, but better late than never and I could not be more excited. It's seriously so relaxing to have the weight and feel secure and find a new level of comfort.

Photo: Pine and River Via Amazon
Photo: Pine and River Via Amazon

Ladies and gents, if you are looking for a gift for your spouse or someone you know could use it, here ya go. I totally recommend it. Weighted blanket for the win!

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