Holiday World first opened it's gates on August 3rd, 1946 as Santa Claus Land. One of the original rides was the Freedom Train, whose engineer was none other than Santa himself. The Freedom Train, Holiday World's last remaining original ride has been officially retired and will run no more, which ends 66 years of faithful service for the little train that could.

It was not always called the Freedom Train, it's original name was the Santa Claus Railroad, which was later changed to the Mother Goose Land Train and became the Freedom Train in 1984, the same year Santa Claus Land officially became Holiday World.

While doing some off-season maintenance, some deterioration was discovered that would require restoration work. It was determined that the train was beyond repair and would be closed. The train created so many memories for so many people who rode the train as children who up until this year, watched with delight as their children, grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren rode the train with the same excitement and wonder as those who came before them.

The Freedom Train will most likely remain part of the park in some capacity. The good news is that there will be another train to navigate Mother Goose Land...the Holidog Express will make it's maiden voyage in the iconic park sometime in early June according the Holiday World's website.

Thank you for the memories Freedom will never be forgotten. Rest easy little train, you've earned it.