Season 15 of The Voice moves on to the Knockouts on Monday as the remaining team members compete against each other for the chance to advance to the live shows. If that sounds awfully similar to the Battle Rounds, that's because it is. But, the two do have their differences.

Both rounds feature two members of the same team. Both rounds feature those members working with a mentor. Both rounds feature the team's coach deciding who moves on and who goes home. Here's what makes them different —

In the Battle Round, both competitors sing the same song at the same time (like a duet) after working together with the team's mentor.

In the Knockouts, each competitor sings the song of their choice, solo. They also work with a mentor individually. The twist here is that every competitor works with the same mentor regardless of what team their on, which this season is Mariah Carey. They also don't know who they're competing against until minutes before they take the stage.

In the Battle Round, the eliminated competitor can be stolen by another coach. In the Knockouts, once you're out, you're out. There is no save.

[Source: NBC / The Voice]

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