One of our favorite guests of all time, in the WKDQ studio, is our buddy Drew Hebner. He is an amazing young man who, along with his mother, Crystal, has been a voice and face for Autism awareness.

What started with a Autism diagnosis at 3 years old, where the doctor said he would need have the ability to speak and would probably just sit and stare into space his whole life, turned into something quite different, Drew and Crystal have proven that nothing is impossible.

Since the coronavirus changed our normal and left so many people feeling confused, scared and frustrated, Crystal decided to become a helper to parents just like her. She has a Facebook page called The Autism Mom where she will be holding LIVE ZOOMS on the page with other autism moms to help guide parents through this difficult time.

Ryan and I recently talked to Crystal about ways to help your autistic child and he passion for helping parents by showing them they are not alone. Listen -


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