This Monday, February 20th will mark the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's historic ride into space, although Glenn was actually the third American in space. It was in 1961 that Alan Shepard and Mitchell, Indiana's own Gus Grissom flew short suborbital missions to become the first Americans in space. That was the same year Russia launched two cosmonauts into orbit on separate shots. It was in 1962 that Glenn made his historic journey from Cape Canaveral and orbited the Earth three times aboard his Friendship 7 capsule.

Since then, we have put many men on the moon the first of whom was Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 followed by shipmate Buzz Aldrin.

The next big project for NASA was the Shuttle program which recently came to an end and essentially marking the end of our space exploration. There is talk of resuming the space program, but funding may be an issue even though most are in favor of a new space program. Only time will tell, but where should we go?