If you're not from Missouri or Illinois, you need to understand that we do things a little differently around here. One prime example happened when some Illinois duck hunters saw a tornado nearby and decided to take selfies with it. Yes, I can prove this happened.

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Note: this is not new even though I'm seeing it passed around again as if it is. The original video share happened back in 2018, but it's worth revisiting again because it's...a great example of how we think. Here's what the hunters said when the video was originally shared:

We were out hunting like any normal day when a tornado formed. We had no where to go. The ATV was in between us and the tornado, so we hunkered down and hoped for the best. We ended up getting our limits of ducks.

Note (again) that there's some NSFW language (albeit distant) because...well, these are hunters and it's a tornado and they're excited. If you keep a close eye on the ducks swimming next to the boat, they don't seem too worried either even though there's a tornado behind them and duck hunters are in the boat. (Yes, I know they're decoys. It's a joke)

I find it funny that they emphasized that they got their limit of ducks more than they survived the tornado. Once again, this is how we think around here.

There's a good reason why this went viral nearly 4 years ago and why it's being shared again now. It's the consummate example of men in the Midwest figuring stuff out on the fly and making the best of a bad situation.

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