Indiana Man Shoots Deer, Ends Up With “Back Trouble”
An Indiana man who bagged and tagged a 21-point buck last week has reportedly nicknamed the beast “Back Trouble,” because he says he is destined to suffer the rest of his life with back problems after attempting to haul the deer’s 300-pound body back to ci…
Indiana Plans State Park Hunts
If you are a hunter, you will want to plan a trip to Indianas State Parks in the coming weeks. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will close 21 parks for two rounds of deer hunts this month. The hunts are scheduled for Nov 14 and 15 also Nov 28 and 29...
Goose Kabobs Anyone?
Are you a gamesmen?  Do you just enjoy being adventurous and eating food that's a little different than your everyday fare?  In that case, you'll want to get out to the Warrick County 4-H Fairgrounds this Saturday for the 5th Annual Good Guys' Game Feast.