Texas Roadhouse is now selling "mini rolls" in the freezer section at Walmart, and yes, they come with a Honey Cinnamon Glaze.

I don't know what Texas Roadhouse does to their rolls, but whatever they're doing, I hope they never stop. I've never met a single person who said they didn't like those rolls, and it's safe to say I could probably tackle a whole basket on my own. Not only are they the lightest and fluffiest bunch of carbohydrates you can shove into your mouth, they also come with the restaurant's signature honey cinnamon butter. For me, that butter is what makes these rolls even more addictive.

The famous steakhouse chain is now trying something new, and I'm all on board with the idea. According to USA Today, Texas Roadhouse has launched a "mini" frozen version of their rolls, which is being sold exclusively at Walmart. Currently, the rolls are available in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. USA Today reported that the rolls come as a 12-pack in a ready-to-bake pan and include a honey-cinnamon glaze that mimics the restaurant's honey-cinnamon butter.

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A dozen of the frozen rolls will set you back about $5.26, which is not much more than other frozen rolls you can get at Walmart. For example, a 10-pack of Sister Schubert's Dinner Yeast Rolls will set you back about $4.12. Now, onto the hard question: Is it worth it? One of my favorite TikTok creators, @lukefoods, not only reviewed the new frozen rolls but also compared them to the originals you get inside Texas Roadhouse. Check it out:

While it's no surprise that the new frozen version didn't live up to the fresh batch from the restaurant, I'd still like to give them a try. They did look pretty good in the video. Plus, not everyone lives near a Texas Roadhouse, so having a dozen of these in the freezer may even save you a buck or two in gas when you get a buttery roll craving. Will you be giving them a try?

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