Taylor Swift may have only joined TikTok in August; however, the superstar has already gone viral on the app several times. And her latest newsworthy TikTok is definitely the cutest to date.

Over the weekend, the "Wildest Dreams" siren partook in the "Mama Said" TikTok challenge. The popular challenge makes use of Lukas Graham's 2014 hit "Mama Said" to showcase a time you did something new because someone else showed how it's done.

In Swift's case, she referenced the previously held stereotype that "country girls can't go pop."

Who showed her how to break the mold? According to Swift, it was none other than "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" icon Shania Twain.

"Learned from the best," she simply captioned the video, which features solo photos of Twain and then two pics of the pair together.

Check out Swift's original TikTok below.

The trend evolved as Twain replied by shouting out another legend who blurred the line between country and pop.

"Paying this one forward to another trailblazer," she gushed in the caption. Who inspired Twain? Dolly Parton.

Just like Swift's original post, Twain's features two photos of Parton posing solo and then two times that the legends were spotted together.

Check out her post below.

That wasn't the end of their mutual love fest, either. Swift showed off her standom for both divas by making a duet video with Twain's.

In it, she called both Twain and Parton "the queens of my heart." Too cute!

"I have ceased to be a person anymore," Swift admitted in the caption. "I have exploded into a cloud of confetti hearts."

Check out the adorable video below.

At the time of publishing, Parton hasn't responded yet. However, it is definitely a possibility. Today noted that the "Jolene" legend recently joined TikTok. However, her account seems to have been taken down.

With any luck, she'll be back in the very near future and will have something to say about Swift, Twain and the greats who inspired her musicality over the years.

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