Watch Elevator Weatherman Prank
Being in an elevator is always somewhat awkward. The more people in the elevator, the more awkward the ride seems. Why is it that everyone stares so intently at the floor indicator lights? Have you ever tried to engage someone in conversation? Let's not even talk about the possibility of some s…
The Doppler Diaries
HAM Guy, Flickr
One if not the most popular part of the show, is our phone call with News25 Meteorologist Scott Dimmich. We LOVE our crazy conversations and listeners tell us all the time that they hate when they have to miss the segment.
Red Cross Emergency Shelter Update
Red Cross Emergency Shelter Update – 05/05/11

(Evansville) – Many areas affected by rising water are seeing roads open up as some of the water recedes, however per the latest hydrological report many rivers & creek beds will not start to show a significant drop for several mo…

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