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Thomas Rhett to Tour With Toby Keith This Summer
I'm pretty sure it’s safe to say that this summer is shaping up to be one of Thomas Rhett‘s best EVER. The young singer-songwriter just found out he has been requested by Toby Keith to be one of the openers on the  Live in Overdrive Tour.
I'm Making The Bolo Tie Sexy Again
The "Bolo Tie" has been out of modern "Country/ Western Fashion" for too long now. Now is the time for it to make its comeback. I'm on a mission to make the Bolo Tie sexy again.
Girl Scout Cookies Are Here [VIDEO]
Today I was greeted in the studio with a surprise visit from Stacy Carr and Cheryl Voight of Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana.  They brought me the entire selection of Girl Scout Cookies for 2012 and even brought a treat to wash it down.
Toby Calls His New Song ‘Stupid’ [VIDEO] Content Warning
Toby Keith has been known to get pretty out there with some of his songs.  He's written and performed about a one night stand in Mexico, a maintenance man stalking a beautiful, rich woman, and doing something illegal on a bus with Willie Nelson.  As Toby pointed out at a recent concer…