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One You Might’ve Missed – Jolie And The Wanted [VIDEO]
Chances are that you missed the song and artist on this one, but I didn't, so I'd like to share this group with you.  Last week on American Idol, young Quaid Edwards tried out in front of the judges and revealed that his mother's group, Jolie and the Wanted had worked with Keith …
One You Might’ve Missed – David Kersh ‘Another You’
In the mid 90's, when so many new, young, male artists were coming out, it was hard to keep track of them.  I think that was what sealed the fate of David Kersh, a super-talented artist, that just kind of faded into the background of too many new singers.  One single that made it to number 3, but we…
One You Might’ve Missed – Matraca Berg
You may have never heard her name before, but chances are you're very familiar with the songs she has written.  Matraca Berg was responsible for big number one hits, including her most recent, Kenny Chesney's "You and Tequila."
One You Might’ve Missed – Clark Family Experience
This family band has been through a lot of incarnations. I swear at one point The Clark Family had about 17 members. If you were at the Carrie Underwood concert at Roberts Stadium this past December, you saw the latest group, consisting of only three Clarks and a very rocked-up sound, called &…
One You Might’ve Missed – Dean Brody
It was almost like this one vanished from the radio and so did its artist.  Dean Brody gave us this great tune a couple of years ago, and I thought it was fitting with 4th of July around the corner.  Check out the video for "Brothers"
One You Might’ve Missed – Father’s Day Edition
Father's Day is this Sunday and there are a ton of songs that speak to and from dads in country music.  This one  from Tracy Lawrence slipped under the rug for most country listeners just a few years ago, but I understand it now more than I ever did back then.  Check out the vide…

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