one you might've missed

One You Might’ve Missed – Jason Meadows
You may remember Jason Meadows from Nashville Star, but unlike stars like Miranda Lambert and Chris Young, Jason hasn't been able to fully emerge from the show's shadow.  But, if you have a chance to see him live don't miss it.  This is one song that amazes me, in that it wa…
One You Might’ve Missed – John and Audrey Wiggins
Duo's seem to be on the rise in country music, with Thompson Square coming on strong featuring a husband and wife duo and Steel Magnolia an "item."  We've seen a lot of sister groups over the years, brother groups as well.  We've even seen the Judds togethe…
One You’ve Might’ve Missed – Shane Minor
It's safe to say most of the country missed Shane Minor, but I still pop in his debut/farewell CD in every now and then and rock out.  I've probably preformed this song more than Shane ever did at karaoke bars across Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.
One You Might’ve Missed: Shannon Lawson
In the summer of 2002, this huge voice came out of my radio with a song that, to me, was a perfect power country ballad.  I thought to myself, "This guy is gonna be a huge star!"  Well I wasn't right, but that doesn't make Kentucky native, Shannon Lawson any les…
One You Might’ve Missed: Steve Holy
Before his latest hit, "Love Don't Run" and even before his first number one, "Good Morning Beautiful," Steve Holy treated us to his first single with a big band twist...In case you missed it, it's always been a favorite of mine!