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On Mother's Day, Leslie Shares
I have songs that carry special meaning for me as a mother. Whether it's a song I sang to them as babies or a song I think of as they graduate high school....each song fills my mind with warm memories and my heart with unconditional love.
Top 10 Hilarious Country Music Tour Antics
Which country artist was put into a real-live cage before taking his place on stage? Whose concert was interrupted by a family of goats and a dancing bird? Which singer returned to her tour bus to find a headless eel (ewwww!) in her bed?
Leslie Puts the Love For Her Children To Music
I have been blessed with 3 amazing, beautiful children and have also been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful 'bonus' daughter. I still find it hard to believe that God would trust ME, with all my weaknesses and mistakes, to care for these precious souls. Being their mother is a job I was in NO WAY prepared for but the best job I have have ever had with daily rewards that are utterly priceless.  

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