30 Memorable Movie Kisses [VIDEO]
Kiss is just a kiss - or is it? In a movie, an anticipated kiss can mean everything. Your own heart beats fast as you wait for the characters lips to touch. So, in honor of Valentines Day this week, let me give you some kisses.
Pucker Up! Kissing Has Great Health Benefits
Ahhhhh, kissing. There is something so natural, simple and sexy about a kiss. I think because it's so very personal and intimate. Although we kiss to show our affection to another, kissing has a heap of health benefits too. So, pucker up...
How Long Would You Kiss?
David Greedy, Getty Images
Seven couples in Thailand have broken the world record for the longest kiss.
In a Valentine’s Day promotion, a resort town is currently holding a longest kiss contest, in which couples lips need to remain locked continuously.
Seven of the 14 couples entered have now broken th…