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Mattingly-RBI Coming to Evansville
Founded by Don and Lori Mattingly, Mattingly Charities has partnered with the MLB's Revive Baseball in Inner cities (RBI), establishing a program  in Evansville as part of the effort to serve underprivileged youth.
Toby Plays Evansville
Toby Keith was part of a great benefit put on by Don Mattingly and Mattingly Charities.
WKDQ Listener Brittney Bohleber-Schenk‎ snagged some video of Toby playing!
Beer for My Horses
Posted by Brittney Bohleber-Schenk on Friday, December 4, 2015
Don Mattingly Has a New job
According to, The Miami Marlins have hired Don Mattingly has their new manager!
"The Miami Marlins have reportedly hired Don Mattingly as their new manager, reports Molly Knight of Vice Sports.
Mattingly interviewed with the Marlins on Monday after parting ways with the Los Angeles Dod…