Bloomington, Indiana based sock company, Sky Footwear knows few things in life are better than the feeling you get sliding on a new pair of soft, comfortable socks. And they're on a mission to make sure everyone can experience that feeling, including those who can't afford it. But they need your help to do it.

The company began in 2015 as the brainchild of Bloomington native Keaton Hendricks, who had spent time a few years before volunteering at homeless shelters around his hometown. During that time he saw first-hand how appreciative residents at the shelters were for even the simplest gifts, things the rest of take for granted — like a pair of new socks.

With the help of his good friend, Eric Cellier, they formed Sky Footwear. An online sock company that not only sells socks to those of us who can afford them, but also provides free socks to those who can't.

Each month, Sky selects a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and services to the homeless in their community. This month (November 2018), they've selected the Evansville Rescue Mission on Walnut Street. Here's how you can help:

  • Shop the Sky Footwear online store.
  • Buy yourself, or a loved one some socks

For every pair of socks sold, Sky Footwear will donate a pair to the Evansville Rescue Mission. That's it!

The Rescue Mission will only be the recipient of free socks through the end of the month, which doesn't give you much time. So hit up their store, and get to shopping!

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