This comedian recently appeared on 'America's Got Talent' and while you can see this video everywhere and anywhere, the video is not the story. The story is how aspiring comedian Drew Lynch refuses to let his stuttering get in the way of fulfilling his dreams.

I wanted to post this blog because of how much I can identify with Drew. I myself had a very severe stutter when I was  a child and became more self-conscious than you can imagine. I would refuse to speak in school or in social settings for fear of being made fun of and ridiculed, which I was in elementary school.

On those rare occasions when I did try and speak, my stutter was so severe, you could actually see how uncomfortable people were watching me try and speak, it was written all over their faces, which only forced me to withdraw even deeper within myself.

The only person that made me feel better about my situation was country legend, Mel Tillis. My dad first saw Tillis on TV with Johnny Carson. Dad learned Tillis had a stutter and from that day forward, any time Tillis was on Johnny Carson, my dad would get me out of bed and plop me down in front of the TV so I could see that even though I stutter, I can still do anything I want.

Speech therapy was a disaster in elementary school and the therapist was a joke. My parents were referred to a new therapist who was a god send. I will never forget the exercises he made me do, which I thought were totally ridiculous, but I would sit in my room every night and practice each and every exercise, sometimes in front of my parents.

After about a year of therapy, my stuttering stopped and I have not stuttered since. When I was a kid, a radio career seemed impossible, but here I am. I watched Drew Lynch's performance and laughed hysterically...not at HIM, but his comedy. I also couldn't help but get very choked up at the same time. I wish I would have had his courage when I was a kid.

We are only limited by the limitations we impose on ourselves, nothing more, nothing less. The lesson for anyone here, but especially children, is that anything is possible and even though it sounds like a cliche, it is SO true...If you can dream it, you can do it, the choice is yours. Thank you Drew, I needed that reminder.


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