As a little girl reading fairy tales or watching animated Disney movies, the price always had to rescue the princess. She needed him to help her out of whatever bad situation she got herself into. Even as a young mother with a daughter, stories of being rescued by a knight in shining armor were the norm.

Things are changing though, my granddaughter, even in a 'rescue' type tale, will embody the stronger male character. She will want to dress like Jasmine, but be Aladdin. she will want to sing like Ariel but fight with a sword. I love it.

This video of a little girl explaining why Jasmine doesn't need Aladdin is amazing. We ARE moving forward and out daughters and granddaughters are learning from us that they don't and will NEVER need rescued!

With characters like Captain Marvel, on the movie screen, and other strong female story lines, young women will be even more empowered in the future.

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