While the Evansville area was fortunate that Monday night's line of storms that swept through the area didn't cause catastrophic damage like the tornado that ripped through western Kentucky back in December, or the devastating floods that recently tore through eastern Kentucky, it did knock out power to several thousand residents and damaged numerous trees leaving residents with some cleaning up to do. In an effort to help you get your property looking normal again, the Evansville Parks Department is giving you a space to drop off all those limbs free of charge.

Evansville Parks Department Offering Public Drop Site for Broken Limbs

Deputy Mayor of Evansville and interim Parks Department Director, Steve Schaefer announced on Facebook Wednesday that the department has set up a "public drop-off site" in the former parking lot of where Roberts Stadium once stood on Boeke Road.

The drop-off is open daily until sundown now through next Friday, August 12th. However, the department says that the time frame may be extended if needed.

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Canva / Google Maps
Canva / Google Maps

To help things move along as smoothly as possible, the site will have signage posted directing you to where you need to go to drop off your limbs or damaged trees that may have been uprooted due to the storms.

The department notes this is for damaged trees and broken tree branches ONLY. Do not bring trash of any kind, even if it's roofing shingles or siding from your home that may have been ripped off from the storms. The Evansville Police Department will have their Guardian vehicle on-site conducting constant video surveillance to monitor for anyone who decides to dump something other than the drop-off's intended purpose.

[Source: Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer on Facebook]

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