The latest edition of the WKDQ Cash Cow wrapped up on Friday (April 30th, 2021). And after thousands upon thousands of entries were submitted over the course of four weeks, one winner was drawn at random to receive the $10,000 grand prize. Meet Kellie Zink.

I had the pleasure of calling Kellie to share the good news earlier today and learned that she and her husband, Allen live in Henderson where they've been working from home while also taking care of Kellie's 72-year-old mother.

As you can imagine, Kelly was excited, shocked, and a little speechless after I told her she just became $10,000 richer. She said the money "answered some prayers," and they plan on using their winnings to pay off their car and take a much-needed vacation to Florida (and yes, mom will get to go too in case you were wondering).

Kellie and Allen Zink
Kellie and Allen Zink
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So, what was the key to Kellie's success? Entering the code words she heard us announce, of course. More specifically, entering as many as she heard over the course of the contest. While technically, it only takes one word to have a shot, the more words entered over the course of the contest give you a better shot. Kellie told me they entered all the words they heard through our app which they also used to listen each day, as well as enter other contests we have.

Congratulations to Kellie and Allen, and get ready for the Cash Cow to return again later this fall. Who knows, you might be the next one we call to say you're $10,000 richer.

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