Just a couple days ago I heard about Haunted Historic Evansville, and I HAD to share this with you! How cool (and creepy!) is this?!


Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love everything from the decorations, to the cool crisp Fall evenings, to the spooky story times that come along with October. This year Downtown Evansville is getting even spookier, with ghost tours!

Haunted Historic Evansville is a walking ghost tour in the Riverside Historic District and  Haynie’s Corner Arts District. The ghost tours will be happening on October 27 & 28

Here's the info about the upcoming ghost tours from Haunted Historic Evansville's Facebook page:

Make your way downtown, but only if you dare.
For a ghost tour so spooky, you might just shiver in terror.

Two haunted routes, and no matter which one you choose
Around every dark corner are ghosts and spirits - their laments of doom

Come one, come all, bring the kiddos, come as friends
And whether you believe in things haunted, well that just depends…

Take caution, keep your eyes peeled, listen closely – you’ll learn something too
But heed this warning - ask yourselves:

Are you prepared for what Haunted Historic Evansville has in store for YOU?

Haunted Historic Evansville is a walking ghost tour in the Riverside Historic District + Haynie’s Corner Arts District.

Each of the two walking routes feature significantly different historical accounts of the locations included on that tour, as well as tales of ghost and spirit sightings who still haunt the area.

Haunted Historic Evansville is a fundraiser for Haynie's Corner Arts District Association, Old Evansville Historic Association and Civic Theater.

Sounds perfectly creepy and awesome to me!

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