There’s a strange phenomenon that you can experience in Evansville, Indiana that nobody really knows about. It's a whispering sesquicentennial oval that will allow you to hear an echo whisper you don't expect. It's called Whispering Point.

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How does it work?

Only In my State describes the physics behind the experience this way,

Around campus, this spot is known as "Echo Point," because if you stand right in the center of that spot, you'll be able to hear your own voice reverberate in your ear. No one believes it until they try it for themselves....It works due to the way the buildings are positioned on campus, allowing your voice to bounce off of them and right back into your ear drums.</p><p> </p>

Where is Whispering Point located?

The courtyard that contains whispering point is along Lincoln Avenue. Take a stroll from just about any part of the university to the sesquicentennial oval where you'll find a bizarre whispering point.Here is a completely unrelated video that displays the Whisper Point courtyard. You can see it from above in the drone footage toward the end of the video. The video was taken in the winter, so it looks extra bizarre and creepy. 

You can also experience a similar phenomenon on the corner sidewalk sitting area between Moe's and Cold Stone Creamery in the Evansville Pavilion Center.

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