Rumors fly faster than ever before thanks to social media.

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French Lick Scenic Railway

Located in French Lick, Indiana is the French Lick Scenic Railway.  The French Lick Scenic Railway is actually a museum, however not in the traditional sense.  They offer all kinds of unique excursions aboard the railway, everything from dinosaur excursions, to wild west excursions, to an adults-only bourbon trip, and of course, you can't forget the main event, the annual Polar Express train ride.


Not Stuck in a Tunnel

Of course, the French Lick Scenic Railway hosts events all the time, so seeing the train out and about isn't anything unusual.  However, hearing about the train being stuck in a tunnel is unusual.  Over the weekend someone reported that the train was stuck in a tunnel, and social media ran wild with the story.  Thankfully it was just the rumor mill, and no train was ever stuck.


Here is what the French Lick Scenic Railway had to say about this incident:

CLARIFICATION: Our team has become aware that yesterday, Sunday, June 25, an unknown person reported to emergency services that our train was stuck inside Burton tunnel. A local news source reported on this, stating that emergency services responded to the tunnel to assist in evacuation efforts.

Management at the French Lick Scenic Railway can confirm that the train WAS NEVER stopped or disabled within the tunnel yesterday, nor was any call to emergency services made by any members of our team. Despite a storm quickly passing through the French Lick area while train events were occurring, all passengers were outside of the storm area, and precautions were taken to ensure the safety of all passengers and staff while the storm passed. A hi-rail inspection truck was sent to inspect the railroad for fallen trees and any other hazards that may have occurred after the storm, prior to the train’s return trip to the French Lick depot.
As always, the French Lick Scenic Railway maintains the safety of our passengers, staff, and the general public as our top priority.
To check out more information on the French Lick Scenic Railway and to book your own ride, you can check out their website, here. 

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