If you are in the market for firewood here in southern Indiana, one state park is offering $10 truckloads.

It seems like Mother Nature can't quite make up her mind on if we are going to get spring-like weather. Over the past few weeks, we have been getting one day of nicer weather, and the rest has been on the chilly side. So, it's beneficial to have some firewood on hand for your fireplace, or you might want to even plan ahead for some time around the fire pit. Getting firewood (and a lot of it) at a cheap price doesn't come around very often, but you have the chance to do just that with one Indiana State Park.

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$10 Firewood Per Truckload at Indiana State Park

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced that the public is invited to visit Lincoln State Park to cut up and remove certain downed trees for firewood now through April 30th. According to the press release from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

Trees eligible for firewood have fallen as a result of natural causes or have been dropped by property staff. They are along roadsides or in public areas such as campsites and picnic areas.

Now, in order to cut these trees and take them home, you must first get a firewood-cutting permit. A firewood permit must be obtained for each load at Lincoln’s office between 8:45 a.m. and 3 p.m. CT daily. Permits are not available on observed state holidays. The press release goes on to say:

Firewood may be cut up to 30 feet from roadsides in designated areas; however, vehicles are not allowed off roads. The use of tractors, UTVs, and ATVs is prohibited. Wood may be cut and removed between 8:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. CT daily.
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Permits cost $10 each and get you one truckload of wood. If you want more than one truckload, you'll have to acquire a permit for each load which isn't a bad deal considering how much wood you should be able to fit in the bed of your pickup truck. You can find bushels of firewood for about $20 at gas stations across the Tri-State, so this would save you quite a bit of money.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources says that all proceeds will be used for resource management and restoration efforts, including the replacement of trees in campgrounds and other public areas.

For more information on getting a firewood permit, call the Lincoln State Park office at 812-937-4710.

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