Today is April 1st and that means pranks, which is why today is known as April Fool's Day. The day has a slightly different meaning for me in that, today is my wife Lisa's birthday, so pranking is not really on my radar screen.

Most pranks are designed to get a big reaction, usually along the lines of embarrassment, scaring the crap out of someone, or throwing people into a complete tizzy, which are the kinds of pranks radio people prefer.

Sometimes the pranks are funny, but a lot are tasteless and sometimes even cruel, which we experienced in Evansville a few years back involving a former area radio DJ and a hometown sports hero, which angered everyone and was incredibly insensitive.

Sometimes, with a little thought, pranks can be life-changing in the best way possible if done in a pay-it-forward fashion, which is rare because most go for laughs and tacky. The below videos are pranks with a very special purpose that in most cases, brought the 'victims' to tears...happy tears.

The first involves a waitress who overcame some very severe life challenges, which included suffering a stroke at a very young age because of a severe eating disorder. The next video involves feeding the homeless. Pranks that pay-it-forward are the best, but unfortunately, few and far between and that is a shame.