Got a decent sized delivery truck? Then you also have the potential of a home on wheels based on one I've found in Springfield, Missouri that used to be a truck, but is now a tiny home that even has bunk beds in it.

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Amanda is the one who shared pics of her 1995 Ford Aeromax L9000 on Tiny Home Listings and it appears she did a neat job of making a tiny home on wheels that sleeps more than you'd think. It looks like this bad boy is currently in Springfield, Missouri. Here's how she described it on the listing:

This is a custom built tiny home on wheels! So much love and time has been put into this truck. It’s perfect for a family! It has one queen sized purple mattress in the main room. Bunk beds in the back that are both full sized. There is even a little loft area above the cabin of the truck where another full sized bed is...There is 1 bathroom with a flushable toilet, sink and shower with a hot water heater. There is a 100 gallon tank for black water, 150 gallon tank for clear water and 150 gallon tank for gray water. Air conditioner and heat works great! Accessible propane heater for chilly nights!...It is a 9 speed and is a blast to drive down the highway. The gas tank can hold 200 gallons of diesel so you can go a long ways.

See what Amanda is talking about here.

Someone Turned a Missouri Truck into a Tiny Home with Bunk Beds

If you told me there was a 4-bedroom...uh...truck, I would have told you that you were crazy. That's exactly what Amanda has here. The asking price as of this writing is $66,000. If I had that kind of free money laying around, I'd pick this up in a heartbeat and have racing stripes painted down the side.

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