The movie industry has been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic with film releases being pushed back again and again, leaving theaters across the country struggling to keep the doors open. Showplace Cinemas has not been immune to the downturn, announcing a few weeks ago they were temporarily closing all their theaters with the exception of Showplace East in Evansville. In an effort to get you back to the movies, their giving you the opportunity to rent an entire theater for you and up to 20 friends and family members for a private screening party.

The rental allows you to watch one of the following 10 movies (click each title for trailer):

The cost of the rental depends on which movie you choose. The older films will run you $99.00, while the newer films cost $149.00. There is a $1.00 service charge when booking, rounding those numbers up to $100 and $150, respectively. When you do the math (assuming you're able to get 20 people together), the price per ticket is $5.00 for the older films and $7.50 for the newer ones which is a great deal.

Booking can be done online through the Showplace Cinemas website and must be done 24 hours before the show time you want to book.

If you're like me and have missed going to the movies, this would be a great opportunity to get back to a theater safely knowing you're surrounded by people you're around all the time. Plus, you're supporting a great local business who have been entertaining us for years.

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