Back in May, I posted an article about school uniforms and how some Evansville schools are going in that direction. More and more schools are cracking down on students who dress inappropriately by wearing saggy and baggy pants that hang way below the waistline and some who show too much skin. While some schools in the EVSC and other parts of the country are moving toward a more universal dress code, some are asking what about the teachers?

Teachers in Wichita, for example, cannot wear jeans, teachers in Phoenix are required to cover tattoos and excessive piercings.

In today's world, it seems what you wear may be the ultimate in self-expression, but many teachers are finding themselves having to conform to the same dress code rules as the students. Some schools now have policies that ban tank top straps that are less than two inches wide, while others are banning cut-off shorts, flip-flops and pajama bottoms - as they should.

I don't believe that flip-flops, for example, are appropriate in any workplace unless you work at a beach rental facility. Obviously, some workplace rules will vary and what is perfectly acceptable in one place, the same outfit could be completely out of bounds in another. But in the schools, if the students have limits and boundaries, the teachers should as well, don't you think?

The majority of teachers who were asked about this issue were surprised it has taken this long for those rules to filter down to them, especially in a world where tattoos and piercings are so common and almost universal.


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