Arizona has a bill in the works that will make personal finance mandatory in high school to graduate.  Rhode Island and South Carolina both have similar bills being proposed. I am 100% for this and think that Indiana should follow in these states' footsteps!

Things like balancing a check book, loans, mortgages, budgeting...everything that would prepare a young person for the "real world" are things that high schoolers should know about before graduating. I mean how many times have you actually had to solve the Pythagorean Theorem as an adult compared to the amount of times I had to deal with loans and interest. Surely, you can relate!

According to NewsCenter Maine's reporting,

Under the bill, financial literacy and personal financial management would have to be taught as part of the required economics credit needed to graduate.

Not that what kids learn in school isn't important, but learning about personal finance would be the ultimate thing for students to know about before they enter the real world. If you ask me, this is as important as grammar and basic math!

I still don't know a whole lot about personal finance! I'd be tempted to go back to high school just to take that class! I'm sure there are many Indiana schools that offer classes on personal finance, but to make it a requirement in high school would ensure that every student is prepared to face the challenges of fiance in life.

What do you think? Should Indiana make it a requirement to take a class on personal finance in high school? Would taking financial education in high school have saved you a lot of hassles, confusion, and money as an adult?

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