Harrisburg Illinois is known to be the "gateway to the Shawnee National Forrest" so it's only fitting that it would be home to the first-ever Shawnee Sasquatch Festival. The festival is scheduled to take place on October 2nd, and it's a FULL day of events. They'll have guided hikes, a 5K, the Boston- Qualifying Marathon, a vintage market, carnival rides, live music, craft brewing, and much more.  Who knows you may just end up catching Sasquatch playing the saxophone at the event (I didn't make that up, they actually have a saxophone playing sasquatch lined up)!

You can follow along on the Shawnee Sasquatch Festival event page on Facebook to stay up to date with the event. If you'd like to check out the Shawnee Sasquatch Festival, the day kicks off at 7 AM on October 2nd in Harrisburg Illinois.

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While I've enjoyed heading out to Shawnee National Forrest to hike the Garden of the Gods and check out different trails, I've never seen sasquatch while there, but I also have never gone there looking for him, so maybe that's on me. I'll have to keep my eyes extra peeled the next time I go for a hike!

Have you ever caught a glimpse of North America's most elusive cryptid? If you want a sasquatch glimpse without the staking out, you can always catch a photo of Sassy.  Sassy is sasquatch's much less shy younger sister. She's a statue that sits at Garden of the Gods and she's always willing to take a photo with you, and welcome you to the Shawnee National Forrest.


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