The other day It Takes a Village Canine Rescue posted a photo of a sweet senior dog that needs a good home to ride out her golden years in! 

It Takes a Village
It Takes a Village

Meet Sally, she's a sweet senior girl at It Takes a Village Canine Rescue.  She's 10 years young and still full of energy! She lived most of her life outside, but is now enjoying the comforts of a nice warm foster home, so she is to be an inside dog from now on. She needs a good home to be her forever home. If you think your home is a good fit for Sally, contact It Takes a Village!

I read somewhere once that said "raising a dog is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end.  Old dogs are the treasure at the other."  And i don't think that could be anymore true!

Here's what ITV says about Sally

Our Senior Lab/Beagle Mix needs a savior to ride with out of our shelter to enjoy the fun golden years ahead of her. Approximately 10 years young and still full of energy, Sally needs a friend who enjoys lots of loving and a warm place to lay her head. She came to us from a previous rescue advocate. Mrs Zimmerman passed a few years ago, but the appointed caregiver recently asked for help to find Sally a new home. Our medium to large sized girl is super friendly. She's lived outside most of her life and is learning all the new rules of inside living. With your consistent and patient leadership skills, we know Sally will enrich your life while she is rewarded for enduring some difficult temperatures. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. Sally has learned to walk on a leash, is sweet and enjoys cuddling. Our Sally deserves to spend the rest of her life treated like a queen. In return we know you will enjoy every minute of lovin' she gives back. Please complete an online application at Don't let down this Golden Girl just because of her age. She's got so many adventures to take you on!

Check out their post about Sally below!

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