I am a lover of Science Fiction movies and books from way back. Remember, I am old enough to have seen the very first Star Wars movie in an actual theater. Combine that with 2010: Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and you have yourself a huge space fan.

When I saw this home for sale in Queensland, Australia, I was blown away. The home is calling to my space life imagination. It totally looks like something you would see it in a movie. You know, not a REAL house, just a set built in a movie studio warehouse. One that you piece together in your imagination because it’s several, disconnected rooms, with CGI landscape views outside each window. Its like what the movis studio did with Titanic, only in space.

But, every inch of this house is real, even the views out the windows and around the deck. This is truly an original and magnificent piece of architecture. The futuristic, spaceship/space station like  elements to this structure are incredible. And, it’s for sale!

According to realesate.com.au, the home features,

Designed by world renowned Architect Mr. Graham Birchall This home is an ode to strength, beauty and the simplicity of the humble circle.
What started as a thesis idea, 36 years ago, by Mr Birchall grew into the current family home.
Eleven intersecting circular domes which rang...are the key formations. The remote iris circular shutters provide privacy, function and form.


Come on, step aboard, let’s take a look.

‘The Bubble House’ Is A Sci-Fi Lovers Dream Home - See Inside

In it’s entirety, the house has...

Entry Tunnel. Kitchen. Dining. Living. Library with Office Entry. Media Room. Sports Bar. Laundry. Powder Room. Alfresco. Main Terrace. Golf Tee.
Library Level Two. Private Office. Kitchenette. Bedrooms 1 and 2. Main Bedroom complete with ensuite, walk in robe and private balcony. Family Bathroom. Cathedral Room. Sitting Room. Terrace balcony.
Wine Cellar. Separate Toilet. Four Car Remote Lock Up Garage. Workshop.
River frontage location. Open skies and open land.


I could not love this home more. I’m ready to move to Australia. Well, it depends on the price. You must ask the price, its not listed. That is never a good sign. I’m sure I could never afford it.

I've only shown you SOME of the pics. If you would like to see more visuals of this truly amazing home, click HERE.

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