The last couple of years has seen the Midwest and parts of the South devastated by tornadoes....hundreds of them reeking havoc and destroying lives. While many have survived tornadoes, few of those were actually able to watch it from inside the funnel, which is something nobody ever wants to experience. Security cameras are capable of catching the twisters at their core, but most cameras are destroyed and are never found. The below video is from April 28th, just a little over a week ago. The camera monitoring a playground captured the moment the storm hit the playground equipment.

This video is extremely frightening when you think about the power these things have and how quickly any landscape can be altered forever. This video should serve as a reminder of the importance of being prepared and to take shelter as quickly as possible in the event of a warning. Always have a weather radio and NEVER take a tornado warning lightly just because you don't see anything.


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