We've seen the Publisher's Clearing House commercials our entire lives, a couple of people show up at a random person's home ready to change their life with balloons and a big novelty check for a few million dollars. According to the Evansville Police Department, some residents are reporting getting calls from someone claiming to be with the famous sweepstakes company and asking for money in order to claim their prize.

In a post on their Facebook page warning residents of the scam Wednesday afternoon, the Department says the individual will call you claiming they won the popular sweepstakes and will be delivering the check at a certain date and time. However, they also say these individuals will ask that you have a check ready to pay them the taxes on the winnings, and that's a big red flag.

If you or anyone you know have been a potential victim of this or any type of scam, contact the EPD's Financial Crimes Unit at (812) 436-7991.

[Source: EPD Facebook]

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