If you have a new Roku TV/device or plan on purchasing one in the near future, you may be notified that you have to pay a fee to have the device activated. It’s a scam.

The Better Business Bureau reported that people in 25 different states, including  Kentucky, have complained that a company called CaliGeeks, Inc., is charging them a fee to activate their Roku Device. At this time, it doesn't seem to involve reactivating a current or older devise.

According to Fox 19 in Cincinnati, OH, a local victim claimed that after she purchased a new smart TV, while setting up her Roku device, a message appeared with a phone number stating she needed to call to continue the set up. So, she called and a man said she needed to pay a fee to complete the set-up. He even told her she might receive and email from Roku, but to ignore it and work directly with him. She ended up paying over $129.99. Victims have reported being scammed out of money that ranges from $59.99 - $300.00.

At this time, the Better Business Bureau is investigating the complaints made against CaliGeeks, Inc and have reached out to the company for verification that they are connected to Roku, but have received no response.

The BBB website issued this warning,


  • If you see an error message, make sure that you are calling Roku and work with them directly
  • If you believe that you have interacted with a fraudulent website, email Roku (customer.advocate@roku.com)
  • Call your credit card company to request that charges be reversed
  • Check you bank and credit card statements for inaccuracies
  • Remove any software that the third-party may have installed on your devices and run a malware scan
  • Change any passwords for programs that you used on these devices, including the password to access your Roku.com account
  • File a complaint with Better Business Bureau to alert BBB of the occurrence
  • File a complaint with Federal Trade Commission
  • Be sure to include the following information in any complaint: the website address of any fraudulent website, any phone numbers that you were prompted to call, details about how you were approached to pay the fee to install your Roku device.
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