After teasing fans with cryptic social media posts and song snippets for days, Sam Hunt released his brand-new single "Kinfolks" on Thursday afternoon (Oct. 10). Readers can press play above to hear it.

"Kinfolks," written by Hunt, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne is sonically very much in line with the pop- and hip-hop-influenced sound for which the artist has become known. The song finds Hunt falling hard for a woman, quickly asking to "take [her] home, not just take [her] home tonight."

"I wanna introduce you to my kinfolks, to my old friends / To the house in the pines where the road ends / Take you to my hometown, where I grew up / Where I thought I knew it all before i knew what love was," Hunt sings in the chorus of "Kinfolks." "Gave up on it, but, honey, you got my hopes up / And I'm thinkin' that I wanna introduce you to my kinfolks."

“When I think of ‘kinfolks,’ when I think of that phrase, I think of my family, but also I think of my people back home -- beyond family. It’s my buddies who’ve been a part of my story from the beginning," Hunt says in a press release. "I’ve made a lot of new friends and met a lot of new people who are important to me since I’ve moved away, but that core group is still my core group. It’s like that old saying, ‘You can’t make old friends.’”

"Kinfolks" is Hunt's first new single since 2018's "Downtown's Dead." Prior to that, he released the megahit "Body Like a Back Road" in 2017, but his only full album remains his debut project, 2014's Montevallo. Hunt says his long-awaited sophomore project is due to his label on Jan. 1; album details are still sparse, but he's shared that "Nothing Lasts Forever," a track he began adding to his live set last year, and the recently debuted song “Sinning With You” are part of the project.

“There is more of that lighthearted sentiment on some songs," Hunt says, "and then there are some reflective songs that balance those songs out."

Producers Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne are back for Hunt's sophomore album. He notes that the break he's taken from the studio -- and, in 2019, from the road -- has put him back in touch with not only family members and dear friends but with his musical roots.

"I definitely, if anything, will slide back into even a more traditional sound," Hunt says. "I like the idea of being adventurous and finding new ways to combine styles and to try to come up with something new and fresh."

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